About Bayberry by the Sea

Bayberry by the Sea – Indian Point – Georgetown, Maine

Bio: Born of the marriage of a maverick real estate opportunist and a lady of civic dedication, I am a cottage of beautiful woods, and elegant, simple design. I have looked a long, lonely life out onto the waves; I have watched the passing of the tides. And now, a new generation has woken this sleepy camp. Will you join me? And make new memories?

<em>Jotham's Island (now Fox)</em> by Marsden Hartley, 1937.

Marsden Hartley loved our little cove. How could you not stand on the big white elephant rocks, squint across to Fox Island, shudder back at the crash of waves, and wonder how the sea keeps missing you… 

Bayberry by the Sea is immediately to the right of this scene. Portugal lies significantly farther than that, across open ocean, to the left.
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Marsden Hartley, 1937. Jotham’s Island (now Fox), Off Indian Point,
Georgetown, Maine. Mouth of Kennebec River, Seguin Light at Left.

(Image from Addison Gallery of American Art.)
Source record: http://accessaddison.andover.edu/Obj2167?sid=10968&x=297575